The Science of Skin


We often get asked the question, “Why do you offer dermatology consults in a psychiatry practice?” Skin conditions are often overlooked as features of chronic illness, particularly in psychiatry. As the biggest organ of our bodies, our skin has the unique ability to communicate with us that something beneath the surface is out of balance….

Skin Care Products and Hormones: What you don’t know CAN hurt you


“If you’re putting it on your skin you should be willing to put it in your mouth…”.  Our patients hear this from us all the time and for good reason. The ingredients in our personal care products should be safe enough and recognizable to the point that we would be willing to ingest them if…

Fasting: It Does Your Body Good!


Move over ketogenic and paleo diets, intermittent fasting approaches are the new hot trend in nutrition. The science of fasting is booming. But why should you care? Amongst other things, fasting diets have been shown to: Improve cognition Regulate blood sugar Help good gut bacteria grow Fight inflammation At Richmond Integrative Psychiatric and Nutrition Services,…

Supplement Savvy


Feeling overwhelmed by supplements lately? We hear you! It seems like every blog, friend, neighbor, health care provider, morning news show and celebrity touts the “next best thing” for wellness. The supplement industry is big business – upwards of $130 billion is spent on supplements annually up from $4 billion in 2004. This is expected…

RIPNS Featured in Local Publications


Richmond Integrative Psychiatric and Nutrition Services is thrilled to be featured in two recent local publications. Highlighting the growing demand for functional medicine in the greater Richmond area, the January 2018 issue of Richmond Magazine interviewed owner Ashley Mannell at our newly expanded office. In the article entitled “All Together Now”, writer Elizabeth Ferris explores…