Personalized lifestyle & nutrition program

Customized health solutions for women who have spent years searching for answers

Get your comprehensive road map to better health

If you’re fed up with the conventional medical approach and ready to try something new, we’re ready to help. Our clients commit to the program and to making key lifestyle changes. We are here each step of the way to support them through the process.

Detailed health assessment 1-1

Detailed health assessment

We need to fully understand your current medical issues and overall health, so we can get to the root cause of what’s keeping you from feeling your best.

nurse practitioners assessing advanced labwork

Advanced laboratory testing

Comprehensive and advanced functional testing provides more clues into what might be causing your digestive problems, mental health symptoms, or your difficulties losing weight.

Ashley giving a talk

Ongoing support + education

Our goal is for you to take charge of your health. We provide ongoing coaching and education, as well as resources and information so you continue on the road to optimal health.

A new approach to health and wellness

We worked in traditional medicine and were just as frustrated as our patients. We know the system is broken and our patients deserve better. At Nourish Health & Wellness, we take an entirely different approach to health care. We spend time with our patients, help them uncover the root cause of their symptoms and empower them to heal.

Your Personalized Lifestyle & Nutrition Program

As nurse practitioners, we blend the most effective treatment approaches from conventional and integrative functional medicine. We then create customized health solutions for women who have spent years searching for answers. Our comprehensive program approach gives us the opportunity to dig deep so we determine the root cause of your health issues and then dedicate the time necessary to get you on the path to a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Medical case review and personalized program built around your health history, current health goals, and what shows up in your lab work.

Three one-hour appointments and five 45-minute appointments divided among our team of functional medicine certified nurse practitioners and nutrition coaches.

Workshops and webinars focused on nutrition, balancing hormones, immune health, detox, exercise, and other topics specific to a functional medicine approach.

Access to discounted practitioner pricing on advanced functional diagnostic lab testing not commonly offered through conventional medical practices.

Access to private Facebook group and curated collection of webinars, podcasts and videos.

Access to online health tracking and coaching technology.

Personalized supplement schedule and medication management as necessary.

Meal planning, recipes and menus.

Personalized lab result summary & PDF copies of all your lab work.

BONUSES: Personalized program binder plus email and messaging access to all practitioners, along with discounts at our preferred community health partners.

+We offer an upfront payment discount and payment plan options. ++Lab costs are not included in program fee.

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3 simple steps
to better health
doctor with notebook
Step 1. Schedule a New Patient Appointment

Let’s meet and discuss your current health issues and how we can help. There’s no obligation to sign up for our program.

two women at gym looking over a notebook
Step 2. Receive a personalized nutrition and lifestyle roadmap

Taking charge of your health can often feel overwhelming. That’s why we create a detailed roadmap so you can tackle the changes in simple steps that fit your needs.

Mother helping child wash her hands
Step 3. Complete the program and feel better

As you go through our program, you’ll get the answers you need and a plan to take charge of your health. Finally, you’ll feel great.

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