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Holistic healing for depression and anxiety

A New Approach to Healing

Many women have spent years battling depression and anxiety. They’ve tried everything and yet feel completely stuck.

Integrative psychiatry allows us to dig deep to uncover the root cause, while trying alternative therapies and lifestyle changes to put you on a path to feeling whole.

Let's Get to the Root Cause of Your Depression and Anxiety

Hi, I’m Ashley Mannell and I can’t wait to embark on this health journey with you!

I started this practice more than 10 years ago because I believe the Richmond community deserved an integrative, holistic, and comprehensive approach to mental health care. My training and education was in the conventional medical model – a model that emphasizes symptom suppression rather than root-cause resolution.

Despite having a master’s degree in nutrition and one in psychiatric nursing, it seemed my only tools were diets or drugs. And quite often the cocktails of medications didn’t even work.

Add to that the frustration of dealing with insurance companies that dictated how much time I could spend with patients as well as what medications they would (and wouldn’t) pay for.

I could see why health practitioners experience such high rates of burnout. Feeling burned out myself, I knew there had to be a solution. I didn’t want to stop practicing, but I needed to find a better way to help my patients truly heal and feel better without relying solely on medications to mask their symptoms. Plus, I wanted to spend as much time with my patients as they needed – not what the insurance company said.

In 2014, I began training in functional medicine and was certified through the Institute of Functional Medicine in 2017. I learned how to uncover the root causes of my patients’ mental and physical health symptoms.

I’m certified in Mind-Body Medicine through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, including training in Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry psychotherapeutic approach.

In 2021, I began intensive training in ketamine-assisted therapy as well as psychedelic-assisted therapy as more and more research was emerging about the healing potential of psychedelic medicine in helping people overcome PTSD, treatment-resistant depression, and other mental health issues.

I’ve completed training in psychedelic research and therapy through:

  • California Institute of Integral Studies
  • Integrative Psychiatry Institute
  • Polaris Insight Center
  • Fluence
  • PRATI (Psychedelic Research and Training Institute)

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I am a seeker and a lifelong learner. Because of that, I am deeply committed to bringing effective and holistic mental health care to the Richmond community. I often tell people Nourish Health & Wellness is my fourth child (in addition to my three amazing daughters!). I absolutely love my work and am grateful to my community of fellow healers.

I am humbled and inspired by the patients who choose me as their guide on their health journey. They trust me enough to share their most personal stories. And they are brave enough to try a new approach to healing themselves.

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