Integrative and lifestyle psychiatry

Alternative solutions for women with depression and anxiety

Have you tried antidepressants but continue to struggle with depression or anxiety?

Have you considered stopping your medication but need guidance?

Do you wonder if there’s a deeper reason for your depression and anxiety?

A new approach to your mental health treatment

We believe improved mental health is better achieved through fundamental lifestyle changes and restoring balance to your body. We don’t discount the effectiveness of medication, but we also know that medication may be just one part of an individual’s overall treatment.

We work to get to the root cause of your depression or anxiety. Our background in psychiatry and our personalized approach to health makes us uniquely qualified to help women find solutions to depression, anxiety and postpartum depression/anxiety.

3 simple steps
to better health
Step 1. Schedule a new patient appointment

Let’s meet and discuss your current health issues and how we can help. There’s no obligation to sign up for our program.

Step 2. Receive a personalized nutrition and lifestyle roadmap

Taking charge of your health can often feel overwhelming. That’s why we create a detailed roadmap so you can tackle the changes in simple steps that fit your needs.

Step 3. Complete the program and feel better

As you go through our program, you’ll get the answers you need and a plan to take charge of your health. Finally, you’ll feel great.