Take charge of your health

Real answers to your health problems + detailed solutions because you deserve to feel your very best

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Find answers

Discover a health care team that provides real answers to your health problems and detailed solutions.

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Get an action plan

Receive a personalized nutrition and lifestyle roadmap to put you on the path to improved health and wellness.

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Feel empowered

Become a woman who successfully nourishes her body, mind and spirit.

Don’t settle for impersonal medical care

Many women are frustrated conventional medicine hasn’t given them effective solutions to their health problems. At Nourish Health and Wellness, our approach is different. We help you uncover the root cause of your symptoms using an integrative functional medicine approach and empower you to heal.

Relief is possible

"Before I discovered Nourish Health & Wellness, I had been on many different combinations of medications for my depression and anxiety for over 10 years. The medications would work for awhile and th...

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"I have struggled with OCD and insomnia for most of my life, and was at one of my lowest points when I found Nourish Health & Wellness, ironically while awake in the middle of the night on social medi...

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"I’ve been working with Nourish Health & Wellness for almost a year now. It’s wild to look back to one year ago and see how far I’ve come and to feel good again when I wasn’t sure that I could...

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Access a team of professionals guiding you to feel better using a functional medicine approach

Our approach is to coach, guide and support you along the journey of improved health and wellness. Let’s start with some core functions.

Digestive function

Gut health is central to your overall mental health and wellness.


We work with you to manage or reduce medications.

Weight Management

Maintaining a healthy weight leads to improved physical and emotional health.

How we’re different
We worked in traditional medicine and were just as frustrated as our patients. We know the system is broken and our patients deserve better.

At Nourish Health & Wellness, we take an entirely different approach to health care. We spend time with our patients, help them uncover the root cause of their symptoms and empower them to heal. As nurse practitioners, we blend the most effective strategies from conventional and integrative functional medicine. We then create customized health solutions for women who have spent years searching for answers.
3 simple steps
to better health
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Step 1. Schedule a New Patient Appointment

Let’s meet and discuss your current health issues and how we can help. There’s no obligation to sign up for our program.

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Step 2. Receive a personalized nutrition and lifestyle roadmap

Taking charge of your health can often feel overwhelming. That’s why we create a detailed roadmap so you can tackle the changes in simple steps that fit your needs.

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Step 3. Complete the program and feel better

As you go through our program, you’ll get the answers you need and a plan to take charge of your health. Finally, you’ll feel great.

Featured Download

Getting the right labwork done is key to identifying potential underlying causes of depression and other mental health symptoms. We've put together a list of the 10 most important labs that we recommend to all of our patients. These labs assess for nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, detox issues, and hormone imbalances -- all of which can cause symptoms of depression, anxiety, brain fog, and low energy.

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