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Integrative psychiatry + ketamine-assisted therapy

Inner Healing
Personal Growth
Spiritual Transformation

Does Relief from Your Depression and Anxiety Feel Impossible?

You’ve tried everything from therapy to meditation and still can’t get a breakthrough.

  • You’re discouraged because you don’t feel better.
  • You’re beginning to lose hope.
  • You’re beating yourself up over the lack of progress.

I want to free women from their inner critic. Letting go of thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you and moving toward a place of compassion and self-love are the first steps to the deeper work of inner healing.

It’s Time to Move from Hurting to Hopeful

Many women have spent years battling depression and anxiety. They’ve tried everything and yet feel completely stuck. Integrative psychiatry allows us to dig deep to uncover the root cause, while trying alternative therapies and lifestyle changes to put you on a path to feeling whole.

This Isn't One Size Fits All

Let's Expand Your Healing Toolbox

My comprehensive approach to mental health care goes beyond medication.
I look at your mental and physical health to determine exactly what you need.

Integrative Psychiatry

We work to get to the root cause of your depression, anxiety and other mental health symptoms. Then, create a holistic treatment plan to put you on the path to healing.

Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

Ketamine is a safe and effective treatment for chronic mental health conditions, particularly among people who have had little to no success treating depression with traditional medications.

Ashley Mannell, RD, NP, IFMCP

Meet Your Guide for This Health Journey

I started my practice to offer the Richmond, Virginia, community a more integrative, holistic and comprehensive approach to mental health care. In 2022, I added ketamine-assisted therapy as one more tool for patients struggling with depression.

I’ve intentionally created a warm and welcoming space where women can talk freely about their struggles, peeling back layers to unearth the real issues holding them back from experiencing more ease in their day to day.

Real Transformation Is Possible

“Before I discovered Nourish Health & Wellness, I had been on many different combinations of medications for my depression and anxiety for over 10 years. The medications would work for awhile and then my symptoms would come back. I was frustrated that I wasn’t feeling better and tired of taking multiple medications every day. Ashley and Courtney spent a lot of time looking at the whole picture of my health and did testing to help me figure out what the underlying causes of my depression and anxiety were. Through their help and support, I was able to make significant lifestyle changes that improved my health. Eventually, I was able to discontinue my depression and anxiety medications. After doing their program I have more energy, better sleep, and enjoy doing things again”


“I have struggled with OCD and insomnia for most of my life, and was at one of my lowest points when I found Nourish Health & Wellness, ironically while awake in the middle of the night on social media! I was immediately impressed by how up front they were about the type of care they provided, their treatment philosophy and kindness. Each person at the office is respectful, well-informed, understanding and also direct in what needed to be done for me to feel my best. Courtney, Ashley & Yana were instrumental in helping me put pieces together that years of traditional psychiatry did not. I am so thankful for my experience with them, the tools I have taken away are invaluable.”


“I’ve been working with Nourish Health & Wellness for almost a year now. It’s wild to look back to one year ago and see how far I’ve come and to feel good again when I wasn’t sure that I could. When I started the program, I was constantly bloated, tired, and having to run to the bathroom and couldn’t figure out the cause. I had been put on many diets in the past and was confused about which foods I should eat and which ones to keep out. The Nourish team helped me figure out what foods worked for my body, and ordered labs that identified the causes of my symptoms. I now feel so much more confident around food and choosing what’s right for me instead of trying to chase the latest trends. My digestion is healthy and I actually have the energy to run around with my kids!”


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Why put off true healing another day?
It’s time to feel better mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Stuck Is No Longer An Option. It’s Time to Make Progress.

You’ve put in the hard work to make strides in overcoming your depression. But what happens when you’re stuck or you can’t overcome an emotional block? You feel as if you’re spinning your wheels.

It’s exhausting.

Integrative psychiatry allows us to explore the root cause of your depression, anxiety or other mental health concerns. The toolbox I use is more than medication. It’s lifestyle, nutrition, overall wellness, and – for some patients – personalized ketamine-assisted therapy.

Stop going through the motions and instead achieve real transformation through integrative psychiatry.